Wild blackbirdQuite often here at Strule Vets we receive phone calls or messages about injured birds. The bird may have concussion, a broken wing or maybe you have found it on the ground, unable to fly. Before bringing a bird into us we need to think about whether it is really injured or if it’s simply a fledgling. Fledglings will leave the nest fully feathered but stay on the ground for one or two days before flying properly. If you find one, do not pick it up, but leave it there, if it is safe. Look around for imminent predators/cars etc and only if it is in danger, move it a very short distance to a safe location. Often its parents are watching but they may be scared off by human interference.

IF it is definitely injured or orphaned, then it you should move it to somewhere safe. Gently cup it in your hands, and lift it, supporting the body and put it in a dark, quiet place to transport it to a vet. You can use a cardboard box but making sure, the air holes are too small to allow escape! Offer it some water and ring a wildlife charity/or a vet for further advice.

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