RVN-with-catIn May 2005 the first ever Veterinary Nurse Awareness event was launched. Its aim was simple: to raise awareness of the work veterinary nurses do.

Seventeen years later and the veterinary nursing profession continues this yearly celebration in recognition of the skills and value registered veterinary nurses bring to animal health and welfare. During May, Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month (VNAM) provides a focussed opportunity to reflect on how veterinary nurses shape the high levels of clinical care practices provide and the many different roles and responsibilities they have.

Registered Veterinary Nurses and the wider nursing team of Patient Care Assistants are a fundamental part of the clinical team, taking a leading role in preventative health care, care of hospitalised patients and running of diagnostic tests. Depending on the procedure, registered veterinary nurses also support with or undertake surgical procedures and provide care during anaesthesia and in the recovery period too.

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