Rabbit awareness week postThis year is the 15th anniversary of Rabbit Awareness Week and the campaign will cover all aspects of rabbit care through their lifetime.

Rabbits are living longer as we learn more about how to care for them properly and as veterinary medicine advances.

This means rabbit owners will have their bunnies right through to old age and as a result will need to adapt aspects of their care to suit their needs e.g. having a life-stage appropriate diet and making adaptations to their housing.

The campaign covers advice for new owners bringing home young rabbits, right through to looking at caring for adult and mature rabbits.

The campaign will appeal to all rabbit owners, whether they have only just got their pets or had them for years. There will also be advice for those who are thinking about giving a home to rabbits.

You can find out more about the campaign here: https://www.burgesspetcare.com/raw/owners/ or visit our rabbit healthcare advice section.

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